The Proofing Checklist

Print Professionals are still only human. We do sometimes make mistakes or miss ones in your the original material you submit. That’s why proofing is a vital part of the printing process. Save yourself from reprints due to proofing errors.

Give your proof a thorough look before you submit your final approval, check the following:
1. Are all of the fonts correct?
2. Are all the pages in the correct order?
3. Are sentences & paragraphs lining up the way you intend? Check for unintended hyphenation and spacing.
4. Are the company names, numbers, addresses, emails etc correct?
5. Are the page numbers on the content pages correct to the required pages?
6. Are there any missing characters or broken type?
7. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?
8. Check the final proof against your last set of proofs to ensure the final corrections were made.
9. Did any images break and/or disappear?
10. Does each image have it’s proper caption?
11. Have you let someone else go over your proof with this checklist too?
12. Is each image in the right place?
13. Is it the correct size and folded correctly?
14. Is your proof printed on the same type of paper the final one will be printed on?
15. If so, are you satisfied with the way the ink looks on that kind of paper?

And we would also recommend repeating step 15 several times if possible - you’re free to take your proof back home or to the office.

The more people who check your proof, the better. We want to make sure your project is printed exactly the way you envisioned it and we need your help.